On November 18th, 2016, the Suzhou Symphony Orchestra is born on the shore of Jinji Lake. Steeped in the rich cultural origin of ancient Suzhou civilization and founding philosophy of harmony and inclusiveness of the Suzhou Industrial Park, the Suzhou Symphony Orchestra is poised to become a cultural postcard from the ancient city of Suzhou to the world.

On December 31, 2016, Suzhou Symphony Orchestra was premiered successfully with Maestro Chen Xieyang as the conductor and Anne-Sophie Mutter, the world famous violinist as violin solo. A series of fantastic performances will be successively on show in 2017. With the need of expanding our current formation, Suzhou Symphony Orchestra is now looking for excellent musical talents and relevant staff at home and abroad. 


Concertmaster, Deputy Concertmaster

Principals, Deputy Principals

Orchestra Players

Strings:Violinist, Violist, Violoncellist, Double bass player

Woodwinds:Flute、Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon 

Brass:Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba 

Percussionist and Harp

Orchestra Manager, Administration Manager and Libarian


1. Passion for profession, a developed interest in orchestra;

2. Musical degree (e.g. Bachelor of Music) in an institution of international repute;

3. Excellent Skills in English Communication, be able to participate in English-language working environment;

4. Excellent health condition;

5. Excellent Skilled and rich performance experiences.


Application Deadline: 10th November, 2017

Online Application: Please send the scanned copies of well-filled application form (available on the website under ‘Join Us’ page) and other relevant documents to the mail address:


Concertmaster, Deputy Concertmaster

Principals, Deputy Principals

Orchestra Players

1. Application Form: See Attachment or download from;

2. Resume in English;

3. Certificates of Academic Degree;

4. Certificates of Awards;

5. A video/audio-clip of personal performance within 15 mins(for musicians only).


Dates and Places

To be notified. 


First Round: The applicants will be informed by text or phone call upon review of résumés and video/audio-clips. 

Second Round: Face-to-face interview

    Part1: Self-optional works performance: Concerto, Sonata or pieces of music that can show the real professional technique of the player

    Part 2: Compulsory works performance: the excerpts of symphony music(Repertoire Lists see attachment 1);

    Part 3: Sight-reading test: pieces of music will be offered on the scenes of audition. 

Interview for Orchestra Manager, Administration Manager, Liberian will be informed by phone or text upon review of résumés.


Employment - All the employees will be employed under contract with a 6-month probation.

Salary - Competitive salary will be provided, consists of the basic wage, post wage, performance fee, welfare subsidies and annual bonuses; 

Insurance - Social Insurance or Commercial Insurance will be bought for employees as prescribed by the national and local policies, ;

Instrument - All the instruments should be self-provided. (EXCEPT FOR Bass, Harp and Percussion instruments)

Accommodation - Employees from outside Suzhou will be provided with resettlement housing for the first two months;After two months, housing subsidies will be provided. 

Children’s education - Foreign employees with children will be provided with useful information regarding education resources in China for reference.


Repertoire Lists 

Application Form 

Suzhou Symphony Orchestra

2 October 2017

All rights reserved for Suzhou Symphony Orchestra. 


1. 乐团首席 Concertmaster.pdf

2. 小提琴 Violin.pdf

3. 第二小提琴首席 Second Violin Principal.pdf

4. 中提琴首席 Principal Viola.pdf

5. 中提琴 Viola.pdf

6. 大提琴首席 Principal Cello.pdf

7. 大提琴 Cello.pdf

8. 低音提琴首席 Principal Duoble Bass.pdf

9. 低音提琴 Double Bass.pdf

10. 长笛 Flute.pdf

11. 双簧管 Oboe.pdf

12. 单簧管 Clarinet.pdf

13. 大管 Bassoon.pdf

14. 圆号 Horn.pdf

15. 小号 Trumpet.pdf

16. 长号 Trombone.pdf

17. 低音长号 Bass Trombone.pdf

18. 大号 Tuba.pdf

19. 打击乐 Percussion.pdf

20. 竖琴 Harp.pdf