2017 Suzhou Jinji Lake Piano Competition

2017 Suzhou Jinji Lake Piano Competition

The Suzhou Symphony Orchestra is pleased to announce the 2017 Suzhou Jinji Lake International Piano Competition.  Under the guidance of Artistic Director XU Zhong, this international calibre event in China and the Asia Pacific region is founded to promote the art of piano at the highest and most professional level, and to inspire the love and appreciation of the piano, through a series of premier events and competition activities, and to give the most promising pianists from all over the world the opportunity to flourish and develop their talents.  The Competition invites the most gifted young pianists of all nationalities to Suzhou to compete for the highest recognition of their mastery, adjudicated by an internationally renowned panel of judges.  Suzhou, an alluring city with a 2000-year-old history and hailed as “Venice of the Orient”, and the Suzhou Symphony Orchestra, a dynamic new orchestra composed of musicians from all corners of the world, will jointly compose a new chapter in the art of the piano for its local communities and global friends. 


The Suzhou Jinji Lake International Piano Competition will be hosted at the Jinji Lake Concert Hall, home of the Suzhou Symphony Orchestra from November 3 to 12, 2017.


Please download the Competition Prospectus here.

Suzhou Jinji Lake International Competition 2017 Prospectus.pdf

Please download the Competition Application here.

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2017 Suzhou Jinji Lake Piano Competition Application Form.pdf